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Jill Fraser is a composer and electronic music pioneer.

She was mentored by Morton Subotnick, studied with Mel Powell and Earle Brown at CalArts and attended master classes with, among others John Cage and Lou Harrison. After finishing her master’s degree in composition she worked at Serge Modular in Hollywood and took her modular synths into the Hollywood studios to score films. Her composing credits on film scores include Personal Best directed by Robert Towne with collaborator, composer Jack Nitzsche and Hardcore (starring George C Scott, directed by Paul Schrader).

Jill has composed both electronic and acoustic music for hundreds of TV commercials for Lexus, BMW, Honda, Porsche, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mattel, Carl’s Jr, NBC, Apple Computers, Adidas, Estee Lauder, Baskin Robbins, Yamaha Motorcycles and many, many others. She has won 3 Clios for original music and is a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

She toured with singer Buffy Sainte Marie and performance artist Ivan E Roth. Her performances with Ivan were part of the vibrant Los Angeles punk and spoken word scene and she played live modular synthesizer, opening for acts including the Minutemen and Henry Rollins. Ivan and Jill released the CD Alphabetical Disorders on Periodic Music featuring “Life is a Noun”.

Currently Jill performs live with re:VOLT and is working on a new album, Earthly Pleasures, to be released late summer on Drag City Records


Lexus, BMW, Honda, Porsche, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Hewlett Packard, NBC, Apple Computers, Adidas, Estee Lauder, Baskin Robbins, Yamaha Motorcycles, California Cooler, Chase Lincoln First, Chi-Chi’s Mexican Style Salsa, Contadina Pastas, Forest Lawn, Carl’s Junior , Bally’s, Mattel, George Carlin, Nike, Pizza Hut, Sam Winston Tires, Standard Brands Paints, Worlds of Wonder, Hanson’s Sodas, Great America, Del Webb Resorts, General Foods, Mother’s Cookies , Norway Sardines, Alabama Power, Select TV, Learning Corporation, Revel, Arizona Bank, Sector Watches, Mexicana Airlines, National Geographic, 1(800) Dentist, Pennsylvania Tourism, Richard Simmons, Shell Oil, Texize, Pactel, Beverly Park Estates, Bose Speakers, Esso Europe, Korean Airlines, NCNB, Perkins Restaurants, Safeway, Southern California Gas Company, Tomy Toys, Pavilions, King Sardines, Smith’s Markets, Arrowhead Water, Ecover, Gibraltar Savings , PIP, Western Airlines, Yonex, Yes Entertainment, America West Airlines, Roman Meal, FHP Healthcare, Secure Horizons, The Learning Channel, Kaiser 

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Feature Films

“Cutting Class” Rospo Pallinberg, director, April Films
“Personal Best” co-scoring with Jack Nitzsche, Robert Towne, director, The Geffen Film Company
“Hardcore” electronic music, Paul Schrader,director, Columbia Pictures
“Reckless”original music, Film Three Productions
“Spirit of the Wind” electronic music, Raven Productions
“When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder” electronic music, Melvin Simon Productions

electronic sound effects: "Zardoz", "Empire of the Ants"

CDs and Multimedia

Alphabetical Disorders, Periodic Music  Alphabetical Disorders on Bandcamp
Splashdown, Bally’s Health Clubs
The Emperor’s New Clothes (Game Music), Phillips Interactive Media
Mozart “Dice Game”, Phillips Interactive Media
Smart Shack  - Smart Shack on Bandcamp
the zZyzx Society – the zZyzx Society on Bandcamp

Live Performance

Buffy Sainte Marie – modular synthsizers and sound design for performances in Canada, Europe and USA
Ivan E Roth – performance art collaboration performance in US
RobotSpeak, San Francisco June 20, 2015
FURSTWURLD, Joshua Tree CA 2016 & 2017 – with zZyzx Society

Santa Fe CURRENTS/Sandbox Series June 24, 2022


CLIO , music adaptation, Adidas “Anthem”
CLIO , Lexus “Drummer”
Belding Bowl, Lexus “Drummer”
CLIO , Radio local large market, Great America, “Grizzly”
CLIO , best local campaign, Select TV, “Buffy’s Bedtime”


MFA CalArts – mentor Morton Subotnick
Bachelor of Music East Carolina University

Professional Affiliations

The Academy of Television Arts and Science (voting member and Internship Awards panelist)
American Federation of Musicians Local 47

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